A wide range of accessories for massage tables. The accessories simplify and facilitate the work of the masseur and increase the comfort of the provided therapy.

Practical bag for carrying a massage table made of solid textile . Protects the upholstery from dirt and damage, extending the life of the tabel.The bag allows a confortable transport of the folded massage table.

Headrest holders made of various materials, headrests in 4 colors and soft filling for headrests with the properties of memory foam - soft-touch foam.

Rollers and half-rollers for supporting legs or head in 4 colors made of leatherette pleasant to the touch, which is easy to clean.

Electric heating pad for maximum comfort during massage on cold days.

Protective covers for headrests and massage tables made of microfiber to protect the upholstery of the massage tabel. Microfiber is a practical material pleasant to the touch, easy to wash and dries quickly.

Massage oil cases for the belt, which allow you to have massage oil always at hand.

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8 products match the criteria

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