Cups for cupping

Cupping is a traditional Chinese treatment method several thousand years old. Thanks to its excellent and fast effects, cupping is a very popular therapy.

In our offer you will find vacuum cups with a pump, the use of which does not require alcohol and fire. They are also suitable for people who are afraid of fire, or for safety in case of children.

Silicone and rubber cups are extremely practical and easy to handle. They are at hand anywhere, there is no danger of them breaking, the vacuum is created simply by squeezing the cupp and applying it to the skin. We offer them in sets and individually in pieces in various sizes and colors. They are easy to keep clean.

Glass cups are a classic of cupping. Here you will find thick-walled or thin-walled cups, Ω shapped, in various sizes.

Cupping aids are an integral addition to glass cupping therapy . Curved medical-grade pens made of surgical steel in two sizes, strong cotton swabs of the ideal size and technical alcohol are the basic equipment of every therapist who offers cupping therapy.

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Kritériám zodpovedá 5 produktov

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