Lava stones and heaters

Hot stones massage or hot lava stone massage is one of the most pleasant and luxurious massages.

Basalt stones are the remnants of lava ejected by a volcano. They are rubbed into a round, smooth shape that is pleasant to the hand and on the body by the ocean or man. The heat from these special stones penetrates deep into the client s muscles and also overheats the masseur s hands.

In our offer you will find basalt lava stones ground by the ocean and collected on the beaches of South America. The shape and size of the stones in each set may vary slightly.

Lipt® lava stones are processed to the same sizes within the set. Thanks to the same shape, they are easy to work with. We offer them either as a free set or in practical wooden boxes.

We offer lava stone heaters in two sizes - 6 liters and 18 liters. The device consists of a body with a digital display and a tray into which stones are inserted for heating. The digital display informs about two temperatures - the set temperature, and the current temperature inside . The tray is removable and can be easily washed and disinfected.

The heaters are also suitable for heating peat heat carriers or gel heating bags in water.

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