Massage chairs

Professional massage chairs with metal or wooden construction suitable for massage and rehabilitation. Chair to seat for masseur, therapist, doctor, beautician.

The most common problem that clients turn to a masseur is back pain, especially in the neck area, caused by a sedentary lifestyle. The massage on the massage chair allows the masseur a good reach to the completely relaxed muscles of the neck and shoulders.

The massage chairs are comfortably upholstered and their individual parts can be adjusted in height. They adapt to the client of each height. The chairs have a dynamic load capacity of up to 130 kg.

They do not take up much space when folded and are easily carried in a sturdy carrying case, as they weigh 8.5-9.7 kg depending on the type of construction .

We also offer seating chairs with a fixed or adjustable seat height. Practical, softly upholstered chairs are suitable accessory for massage tabels.

During facial massages, reflexology foot massages and many other therapies and treatments, the therapist sits. The chairs provide comfortable seating, a pleasant design and the color of the leatherette matched with the color of the massage tabel.

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