Massage oils

Massage oils are the most used and most popular massage products. Thanks to their natural oiliness and good slip, they are perfect for massage and the skin tolerates them perfectly.

Oil heaters allow you to massage with an oil warmer than the human body. The muscles warm up faster, the joints relax, the active ingredients of the oil are absorbed into the tissues faster and the massage is more effective.

Mineral oils represented by Tomfit, Rival, Emspoma and Yamuna brands provide excellent slip and a wide range of effects . Choose neutral paraffin oil or choose an fragrant oil. Extracts from medicinal herbs, essential oils and perfumes not only give mineral oils a pleasant scent with a relaxing effect on the body and mind, but also provide an effect according to the selected ingredient. Mineral oils absorb less into the skin than vegetable oils, so they also come with the beneffit of lower consumption.

Vegetable oils are either a mixture of oils pressed from parts of plants or are pure oils from one type of plant cold pressed . They are an excellent choice for the skin, especially for relaxing massages . They soothe and nourish the skin. Many of them are suitable for children from the first days after birth. Like mineral oils, vegetable oils are also enriched with essential oils, herbal extracts and perfumes. The oil as a carrier can get the active ingredients of the supplement into the skin and deeper into the tissues.

Oil extracts are concentrated extracts of medicinal herbs in vegetable oil intended for purpose types of massage according to the type of herbs that have been macerated in the oil.

Magnesium oil is not an oil in the true sense of the word . It is a solution saturated with magnesium, which after application to the skin can quickly get deeper into the tissue and supply them almost immediately with missing magnesium. It works against cramps, especially in the calves and thighs.

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