Massage tools

Accessories and aids for the masseur.

The massager is an extremely popular tool for massage and auto-massage of the head.  The massage spider is placed on the head, just like a cap, and with upward or downward movements or rotation it stimulates the scalp and nerve endings. With regular use, it has a beneficial effect on hair growth and quality due to blood flow to the scalp. Helps with headaches and stress. It will also please as a practical gift.

The belt case with one or two containers will be used mainly by a mobile masseur or for massages at various events. They allow you to have massage oils always at hand. The larger case also has a zip pocket.

The massage thumb or thumb saver, or pressure thumb, is a specially shaped device designed primarily for the treatment of trigger-points.

Acupressure massage accesories- ring and bracelet - are small helpers with great effect. For tired fingers and hands, for cold fingers, for masseurs, musical instrument players, people whose job puts a lot of strain on the hands and fingers. It improves blood circulation, calms, relaxes muscles and tendons. Suitable as a gift.

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